Nokia E63 Mobile

Nokia has introduced a low priced version of its highly popular QWERTY smartphone Nokia E71. You can say both phone as siblings as both of them has got smart and slim look. Though Nokia E63 lacks little bit in features but then price too is very low compared to its better version. Despite being so less expensive, it does not look cheap because of its looks and features.


This Nokia mobile is designed in a tablet shape with a 2.4inch with 320-by-240-pixel (QVGA) resolution display. This screen is highly visible in all conditions; indoor or outdoor. Its front facing QWERTY keyboard is a great f feature for the business users. E63 is cased in a plastic body unlike metallic E71. Its thicker and heavier profile is like that of Blackberry Curve and Palm Treo Pro. This phone is quite hand friendly due to its wide profile and soft-touch paint. It features mono speakers to listen to music, podcasts and ringtones.

Features & Performance

This mobile phone features a QWERTY keypad with domed key. Though it has a smaller spacebar if compared to E71 but it has extra keys for common symbols. Keys are placed to offer convenient punching of text.

This phone functions on the Symbian S60 Feature Pack 1 (v3.1) operating system. This pack is there for two years in Nokia devices. The phone features the menu driven Symbian S60 user interface. E63 shows quick performance when switching from one screen to another.

Like other e-series mobiles, E63 is also more useful for serious users rather than just players. It features software like Mail for Exchange which enables you to go for push-mail and PIM syncing. Other software is QuickOffice, a built-in dictionary, Active Notes, measurements/Financial Converter, Support for VoIP systems and VPN wizards. This device is of great use for business users. With its Download feature, you can go for many other features like OVi store. One specialty of this device is it rarely falters. It has an awesome battery life with 4 hours flight with gaming and music. Nokia E63 runs on a 1500mAh battery.

This Nokia phone features a 2.MP camera to let you capture your special moments as they are. The camera comes with flash and auto-focus. But I can say camera is not outstanding as it gives noisy and overly sharpened pictures.

E63 is among those mobile phones which offer good functionality and price range is also affordable for all.

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