What is a VPN service?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an old concept in the world of computing. One possible definition is:

Safe communication method between two points through a public network

Security of your communication is ensured via encryption. Encryption algorithms are applied to the communication, making sure that nobody on the public network (Internet) can access the contents of your communication between two points. In effect it creates a private ‘tunnel’ between two points.


VPNs have many advantages and uses. Secure and low cost inter-office connection, secure remote access to systems, and private networking on the Internet to name just a few.

VPNs is becoming fashionable. VPN service providers such as TUVPN.COM, provide a solution to the growing concern the general public has about privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

Online privacy threats come from many fronts, starting with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that can analyze the traffic generated by users to create profiles of navigation and consumption. This information can then be sold to third parties for unsolicited marketing etc. Governments themselves create systems and organizations to collect and analyze massive amounts of Internet traffic. This is often argued to be done in the public interest, but where is the line drawn? How do we know where are information ends up? We can all remember cases of Government leakage of private information. There is a long string of companies and organizations who traffic our private data, collected through more or less transparent ways for all kinds of purposes. Do you wonder how spam emails end up getting to you?

VPN service providers such as TUVPN fit in this world? Generally we will put at your disposal one or more of our servers in different geographic locations to allow you to connect to the internet through our VPN client. ALL traffic between your computer and our VPN server that you are connecting to is encrypted and NOBODY can see or identify the content of that traffic. In this sense, the VPN service offers privacy between your computer and the VPN server chosen by you.


Your Anonymity is provided via the concealment of your IP (Internet Protocol address), which is that unique signature/number that identifies you and your location. TUVPN.COM, like many VPN service providers, has a non-logging policy which means we do not store any information on the networking activity of our clients.

Through the careful selection of your VPN server provider, you can be sure that only you hold information on your Internet traffic…..browsing, emails, messaging etc.

Obviously, the key to using these services is trusting the integrity of the VPN provider and being comfortable that they deliver guarantees of anonymity and privacy. This is why a careful choice is necessary and highly advisable.

Many would say that if you do nothing wrong you have nothing to hide. This hits upon the eternal discussion on individual liberties and the limits and boundaries governments, corporations, and lobbyists continually debate. Ask yourself this question; Do you lock the door of your house when you leave? You would say, ‘yes’, and yet do you have anything to hide in your house? Probably not, but you want to make sure that what is private to you is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone without your control. Why therefore would we not want to put a lock on a part of our lives that is becoming more and more important in our day-to-day activities….banking, communication etc etc

Good uses of a VPN service are many and we will be detailing these in the following posts. As with so many things in life, VPN services can be perverted by users to other undesirable purposes, but why should this limit the availability of such a service to the general public with legitimate uses.

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