How to Convert Videos to 3GP

These days we are used to having access to multimedia entertainment no matter where we are. The new generation of multimedia-enabled mobile devices lets us watch our favorite movies and shows anytime and anyplace. However, you might have faced the following problem. You’d like to watch some video during a journey. You transfer it from your computer to iPod or smartphone, but it can’t be played due to format incompatibility. That’s when we need to convert videos to 3GP.

3GP is a worldwide standard for creation, delivery, and playback of multimedia content over 3rd generation mobile networks to a wide range of mobile devices. 3GP videos require less bandwidth and storage space, which is crucial for cell phones. Virtually every multimedia-enabled mobile phone released over the last 5 years supports this format. Therefore it is necessary to convert videos to 3GP when you transfer them from your computer or camera, or download from the Internet.

To convert videos to 3GP you will need special software. The converter must certainly be user-friendly to save you headaches with plenty of original video file formats and smartphone specifications. It must also be powerful and provide all features to ensure high output quality. When you convert videos to 3GP, multiple settings of the original video must be modified to turn it into a compact size file optimal for mobile devices. An all-in-one video converter such as Turbo Video Converter will be the best choice for any movie fan. Let’s see what you can do with it.

First of all, the converter will automatically recognize any file format added, from the most popular containers to those not so well known. In order to convert videos to 3GP, you only need to add one or several clips, select 3GP from the output formats library, and click Convert. Instead of selecting the output format, you may prefer to specify your smartphone or media player that you’ll be using for playback. The program offers a huge devices collection with graphical interface, and 250+ ready presets for different models of Apple, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Creative, BlackBerry, Dell, Palm, and many others handhelds.

What’s more, Turbo Video Converter has integrated DVD ripping and burning modules. So, even a DVD movie can be converted to 3GP for watching it in your smartphone. The program also has rich video editing capabilities, such as cutting and joining video clips, replacing audio, video enhancement, and adding special effects.

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