A great media platform that allows you to share events via videos and photos!

Mobli is a real-time visual media platform that allows you to share and experience events, via videos and photos with everyone around the world. It unlocks the hidden potential of social media by leveraging the power of smartphones. With Mobli users can share experiences or interests with communities of individuals who will appreciate them.

For example: Concert goers, celebrity fans, or families can share pictures and videos of an experience or occasion with like-minded communities. Mobli’s one of a kind image filter system allows for custom location-aware filters designed for specific locations, events, dates, or categories.

Unlike other social media communities where content is shared only by following or connecting with individuals, Mobli allows you to view all content through channels sorted by location, subject or person. You can even view what’s trending, and what’s going on around you or anywhere else in the world instantly, using the live feed. A channel is a live feed of a person, place or subject. Any photos or videos posted to the channel you are watching will go in your feed. You can even integrate and share through Facebook and twitter directly from the app. After uploading a photo or video you can share it by adding a check next to the Facebook or twitter icon. There is no limit to the length of the videos you can upload.

There are 3 types of channels: People, places & subjects. You can watch other people’s channels, eg: friends, celebrities, or other people of interest. Mobli is also location aware. That means, you can also view what is happening in specific places. Any location, that a user has uploaded photos or videos to, will become a watchable channel. For example, if you watch the Manhattan channel, you will watch a feed of what is happening there as it happens. There is a location icon on every photo to show exactly where the photo was taken. You can also watch channels that are topics or events. For example, you can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade as an event. Any photo or video taken at that event will go into your field.

You can leave comments beneath photos or videos. Mobli notifies you when someone leaves a comment on your photos or makes a comment on a photo you commented on. You can customize these notifications. Beneath each photo or video you can see a number showing how many times it has been viewed. Mobli also has a useful navigation feature. Click on the location icon at the bottom of the photo or video and select ‘Navigate’. You will be then taken to Google Maps, where you can view the directions to that location. You are notified when someone watches your channel, suggest channels to your posts, favorites your photos or videos, etc. Mobli enables users to see the world through the eyes of family, friends, celebrities and the rest of the world.


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