Play the most popular virtual guitar with famous app Solo!

Solo is the most popular virtual guitar app available for Android devices. Use it to play your favorite songs, or create some of your own. Playing Solo is very much similar to playing a real guitar. Simply select the chord you wish to play from the chord bar at the top, and then drag your finger across the screen, similar to how you would strum the strings of a real guitar. You can also play individual strings by touching the appropriate string on the screen. Strings which are not required for a chord can be automatically muted from the settings panel.

Click on “menu” button, to view menu options available for each screen. The menu options available from the home screen are: Chord library, guitar mode, instrument, music and lyrics, and settings. The chord library is used to customize the layout and selection of chords available in the chord bar in the main screen. The app has a huge integrated chord library with more than 380 unique chords, and chord diagrams which helps you see how each chord is played. The chord bar represents the available chord selection displayed on the main screen. The currently selected chord box is highlighted in green. The chord diagram shows finger positions for the currently selected chord in the chord list.

In Guitar mode you have options to Strum chords, Play frets, or Set capo. The Instrument option allows you to select from a variety of different guitars. You can choose between a classical nylon string guitar, an acoustic steel string guitar, and a mellow or distorted electric guitar. Each guitar produces its own authentic sound. Use the music& lyrics feature to find chords and words for the song on the internet. This feature also allows you to overlay the words and chords of a song as a semi-transparent image on top of the guitar. This is very useful if you don’t know the chords or words to a song by heart.

The “Play music” option lets you play along with songs stored on your phone. Solo will search your phone and SD card for music tracks and display every track found in a list. Once you select a song, it will play in the background, allowing you to play along on the guitar. Solo has a simple user-interface, which can be customized to fit your playing style. Solo is a great tool for seasoned musicians and beginners alike, and will provide you with hours of entertainment.


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