DVD Ripper: 4 Things You Need to Know

When you need to back up your DVD movie or play the movie on your portable devices like your Smartphone, iPad, Phone, PSP, etc, all you need is to get a DVD Ripper. Following are the things you need to know about a DVD Ripper.

What a DVD Ripper can do for you?

A DVD ripper is usually an app that can facilitate copying the content of a DVD to a hard disk drive. It is mainly used to transfer video on DVDs to different formats so that the video can be played on various media players and mobile devices. With a nice DVD ripper, you can do the following jobs:

How to rip DVD with a DVD Ripper?

Step1. Download a good DVD ripper.

Step 2. Insert your DVD disc into computer’s DVD-ROM, launch DVD Ripper.

Step 3. Import your DVD files.

Step 4. Select an output format and destination folder for saving the output files.

Step 5. Edit, combine and crop your movie. (Optional options)

Step 6. Click the “Start” button to start ripping your DVD.

What should you notice about using a DVD Ripper?

Ripping DVDs is not simple. The DVD video format is complicated. And the files required in DVD ripping are much larger, especially on dual-layer DVDs, and the conversion is a complicated process.

For some commercial DVDs, there are other considerations including the copy protection on the discs, and the legality of copying the content. So if you decide to use a DVD ripper to rip your DVD, please note that you can only rip the DVD for your own personal use. It is not legal to copy DVDs for any other purposes.

Free DVD Rippers that you can have a try

If you don’t want to pay for ripping DVD after purchasing the DVD, you can opt for a free DVD ripper. Following are some good examples and you can download them from hodosoft.com.

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