ABC of Clipping Path

“Clipping Path” is the hottest trend in graphics outsourcing industry today. On the graphics designing and photo editing surface, clipping path is the process of creating an outline around a center object while the rest of the image is being made apparent.

The clipping path is nothing difficult to understand, just like a cookie cutter. Someone says it is a closed path or figure which is drawn with the help of a Photoshop pen tool for cutting off an image from the background. Clipping path will retain anything within the path and omit everything that is exterior the pathway during the time of applying clipping path to an image. In an image editing program, the clipping path is the functional counterpart to a mask in an illustrator program.

Clipping path may be needed to use by anyone, generally who works on photography, advertising and printing work area. Especially different organizations or companies those are working in the field of photography, advertising or printing purpose or even wants to broadcast or to advertise their own company product, clipping path may help them to a greater extent. Clipping path also assists the web developer to manipulate a large amount of images that are needed to be published in a well decorated website.

It is the time of information and knowledge explosion. In this era a thousand of articles, newsletters and also tutorials are hold varieties of information about clipping path. The web developers, graphic designers and photographers who want to develop their images from a plain to multifarious, can gather knowledge about the clipping path from those huge information which are readily available online.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular software for clipping path. There is other software that can do clipping path. A short detail including Adobe Photoshop and other editing software that can perform clipping path are discussed below:

Adobe Photoshop: A diversity of tools offers adobe Photoshop for removing the background. The pen tool is its most flexible tool which is used to create clipping path and is considered to be a precious tool for many Photoshop users. It is also used to outline around the image, consisting of Bezier curves and convert the created path to a selection. At the same time it is to place the points of the path around the image initially and then go back and edit the curves.

GIMP: It stands for “GNU Image Manipulation Program”. It is an open source graphics editor and works as an alternative for Adobe Photoshop. At the same time it can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an outline batch processing system, an image format converter, a mass production image renderer, etc.

With this software the ‘pen tool’ alternates the name as ‘path tool’ and like pen tool it can make multifaceted selection by specifying certain points associated together with a curve.

Corel Photo Paint: This software application is used for image creation and also for photo editing purpose. ‘Path tool’ which is the same as pen tool is used for clipping path in this software. It also involves functioning with Bezier curves.

Clipping path is a simple interesting process that anyone can learn it easily. It is a ubiquitous process in the world of image manipulation and also an important gateway to enhance personal creativity. We can promote out proficiency and experience on clipping path with the coordination by different tutorials and better practices of it.

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