The 7 Best Video Editors for Creating Social Media Posts

A brief overview of the modern selection of video editing solutions. What features are the most distinctive? Which of them are most suited for social media interaction?

Video Editing Tools for Social Networks

Posts and blogs on social media offer us countless creative opportunities. There we can express ourselves, attract attention, and share ideas. Unfortunately, the days of long text messages are long gone. Modern people like video. What is even more important is that they like high-quality video. The creation of good-looking videos is not a simple task. It takes time and effort to shoot and edit even a ten-second clip.

Luckily, the market is full of different video editing tools. Not all of them are equal. On the contrary, their variety is stunning. So, how to pick the best one? What special features should interest us most? Let us look at these seven optimal variants.

Here is one of the best choices in terms of effectiveness. One of its most notable advantages is the fact that it has a whole lot of them. This is not only a user-friendly tool but also a professional-tier editor. This video editing software offers a variety of high-quality filters and effects. For instance, it has Zoom, Scene Detection, Noise Gate, Stabilization, and many others. Motion tracking and Chroma key options also look very promising. Although tricky, they are essential for advanced editing.

As for the swifter approaches, this video editor has a dedicated mode. This is a five-step mode for fast video creation with built-in templates. It also has an audio library.

This editing software is available for PC and Mac.

Top features:

Here is another video editing tool for convenient posting. Its main feature is a giant library of free clips. This app gives access to 200 million video recordings. It also features 300 000 audios. On the plus side, this is a great bonus. However, it may also limit creators’ creativity.

This software is equipped with typical filters. Unfortunately, its interface is rather complicated. It is not always easy to choose the right mode or effect.

Special features:

This is a very complex and well-rounded video editor. Its box-kit of audio gimmicks is rather limited. On the other side, its list of special effects is very impressive. For instance, it features high-powered distortion options and color adjustment. It can also boast of both 2D and 3D effects. Finally, this editor comes with the Sky Replacement option.

This editing software awaits users of Windows and Mac.

Unique features:

Here is a powerful video editing tool for many platforms. It works fine with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Therefore, this editor is great for those who switch between devices and operating systems all the time. Flexibility is its strongest asset. For instance, it supports custom color effects. You can add them to your collection in seconds.

In addition, it includes several different filters. We can choose between Size, Position, Stabilize, five Old Film filters, Picture-in-Picture, etc.

Notable features:

Here is a very intuitive yet useful editing solution. Currently, it is one of the most respected in the film industry. It works with a multitude of formats. Most of its key elements are great for broadcasting and wide formats. However, it also makes it less useful for simpler tasks. For instance, this program is not so good at sharing on social media.

It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Distinct features:

This video editor is all about one cool feature. The battle between enjoyers of portrait and landscape orientation has no winners. Both sides have their advantages. However, Horizon chooses one side and one only. It provides only horizontal videos. Even if you hold it vertically.

This is a unique proposition. It may become a great gift for the fans of this format. However, this peculiarity also makes it a niche product.

This program is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Top features:

Many similar solutions go for increased functionality. This little app is the complete opposite. It chooses one function and excels in it. Of course, the app has a time-tested collection of editing tools (video capture and video trimmer).

However, the app focuses on simple and fun video messages for fast communication. Its most noticeable feature is a tool for adding text and stickers. This is an excellent opportunity for making funny little clips.

This handy tool is available for Windows users.

Peculiar features:

In Conclusion

Modern social media are very competitive environments. To succeed and attract attention creators have to aim for the most vivid and informative presentation. This means that we must experiment and try different approaches.

Hence, the best option is to go for the most multi-function tools. As for the complexity of editing, it is exaggerated. Modern video editors take care of basic problems. Hence, you obtain a chance to create without barriers.

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