Firesheep Plugin For Firefox – OWOWStick threat prevention

Firesheep Firefox Plugin – OWOW Stick Prevention

The web has gone mad about the new firesheep plugin from Firefox and although Halloween is over, you still need to be scared of what this means to you and your computer security.

This plugin allows other people on your network to log in to your profile and access all your information. Basically, they can become you. They can log in to popular programs like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more and control your profile, your passwords and all your other information.

All they need to do is to be on the same network. So, if you are sitting at a coffee shop doing business and are logged into your email and sending private business information, the person sitting next to you can be logged in to your account at the same time and be reading everything you are saying. In fact, even when you leave, they can carry on being you and change all your information, send more emails and access all your account settings. Pretty scary, right?

Even more scary is the amount of people who have downloaded this application for their computers. This has only been available for over a week and already over 100,000 people have downloaded it. What other application does it have other than letting you steal other people’s identity? I don’t know. But, I am sure that it is not going to happen to me.

Perhaps fitting that this new product from the OWOW company has just become available at the same time that allows you to totally encrypt your computer browsing, even if you use wireless networks, by giving you your own VPN (Virtual Private Network).

This VPN is encrypted via 2048 tunnels and is virtually impossible to break. This is top level government security for your computer to ensure that nobody will be hacking your identity.

The OWOW 8G VPN stick is loaded with other features too including:

Ability to call any phone in the world from anywhere in the world

Streaming music like Itunes

Streaming video like Netflix/Blockbuster

Video emails


Microsoft office like package.

Totally encrypted (no need for antivirus any more)

and maybe the best, never have to upgrade your computer again.

The OWOW Stick IS a tiny computer that fits in your pocket and can be plugged into any computer and give you access to all your private programs and files, and is always protected. It bypasses the hard- drive and only uses the mouse pad, keyboard and internet service. So, if your computer is jam packed with useless files that have slowed your computer down, or if it is filed with viruses, just by-pass all that and use your mini-computer and have access to cloud computing with hundreds of programs and features.

It is the next generation of computing. You may have heard Microsoft talking about cloud computing. They are trying to get in the game as they know they are in competition with companies that are going to make their service obsolete.

Gone are the days when you need Microsoft office and Windows 7 and all the upgrades.

Now, you have the ability to access all the programs you need via the cloud, which is totally protected and gives you access to so many features that you may be paying for separately.

Here is what you don’t need any more:

No international calling plans (you can make unlimited calls from anywhere even from cruise ships and we know how expensive that is)

No need for Itunes

No need for Blockbuster or Netflix

No need for Norton Antivirus

No need for efax service

No need for Microsoft products

No need for video email service

No need for computer upgrades

And more is being added every day to these super cloud computers.

The Cost? $19.95 a month. I bet you spend more than that right now on all the above programs and calling plans!

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