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Data center is a place where Server and Data Communication Equipment are placed. Data center is designed for storage, processing and distribution of information. Consolidation of computational capability with data storage facilities allows using hardware more effectively and efficiently, whiling reducing expenses and minimizing cost price of services.

Specially developed infrastructure of Data center, air conditioning systems, redundant power supply, multiple fiber optic networks, and intelligent fire protection provides absolute redundancy and robustness.

Quantity of Data centers is increasing all over the World. Below you can find some of top-rate Data centers and services they offer:

TelecityGroup (Netherlands)

• Colocation and managed services

• Support services

• IT infrastructure design & consulting

• Network Services Internet connectivity

• Intersite connectivity

• Internet connectivity

• Internet security services Managed firewalls

• Disaster recovery

• Data backup and recovery

Ancotel (Germany)

• Colocation services

• Managed services

• Consulting

• Financial services

• Advertising services

EvoSwitch (Netherlands)

• Flexible, scalable housing and managed services

Databurg (Germany)

• Data center space

• Lease colocation

• Business Continuity Center

• Office and storage space

BlueSquare Data Group (UK)

• Colocation services

• “Hands and eyes” service

QuadraNet (USA)

• Dedicated Servers

• InfraCloud service

• Colocation services

151 Front Street (Canada)

• Dedicated Servers

• Colocation Services

• Backup Services


• Support

SoftLayer (USA)

• Dedicated servers

• Cloud servers

• Virtualization

• Network

SingleHop (USA)

• Dedicated servers

• Managed servers

• Cloud servers

• Clusters & complex

Datahouse (Netherlands)

• Office space

• Rack Cabinets

• Suites

Geographical closeness of Data center to target audience of web-site hosted in particular Data center plays an important role. Such dependence could be expressed with following formula: the closer to users Data center is, the faster web-sites hosted in this Data center load, and the better it is ranked by search engines.

Direct peering to main Internet Exchange Points is also extremely important. Terabytes of information are transferred on Internet in shortest ways and due to this fact your web-sites are opened immediately.

Each country has its own legislation and the legislation could constrain storing some kinds of content on web-sites which are hosted in Data centers of certain countries. Imperatively recommended to take into account the legal side of the matter before choosing some Data center. Sweden is the most loyal country in relation to content of web-sites and some hosting companies offer high bandwidth server in Sweden Data center.

It is quite rare when Data centers are acting as hosting companies at the same time. Reliability and stability of Data center reflects on quality of services which provider offers to the clients. When you choose a hosting company you should pay attention to Data centers this company is working with. Major providers work with several Data centers and this gives more freedom to clients in order they could choose free cPanel web hosting service or unmetered dedicated server in consideration of their business interests. In addition major providers work with Data centers situated in different countries, thus the client gets more advantages.

Nowadays Internet is integrating into modern business, but like hundreds years ago the phrase “Time is Money” is still actual. In the time of total Internet accessibility and web-technologies popularity, when decisions are taking faster, news are transmitting instantly and when any resident of planet could become your new client it is extremely important to go in advance of everybody. To be faster and more accessible then others. This is the help of hosting company for clients by providing professional web hosting services in data-centers all over the world.

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