Free Windows Mobile SIP Phone Clients

The demand for Windows Mobile SIP Phone capabilities is growing at an alarming rate. Many people think that the services offered for Windows Mobile SIP phones are expensive and time consuming to maintain. This is simply not true. There are many providers out there who offer free clients for Windows Mobile SIP phones.

Some of the free IM and VOIP clients for Windows Mobile SIP phones include:





Slick IM







This list is growing at a substantial rate. Many are skeptical about freeware because of the potential for malware and viruses. However, the reason these providers can offer free clients for Windows Mobile SIP phones is simple. These sites are created for one reason – ad revenue. Therefore, people will pay big money to have an ad on a website that is visited regularly. Sites offering free software get many views and are the ultimate in advertising because of the substantial traffic. Therefore, it is unlikely that one would find malicious software from one of these provider websites. If you are in doubt about any organization, it is best to do some research to find out what other people are saying about the company. It is best to go with a company who is reputable and well known. If you approach a site offering free software that nobody has ever heard of, the likelihood of a virus is higher.

Free clients available for these phones come with all the capabilities that something with a fee attached would. Most people think that there are no free clients that support all the protocols needed for the Windows Mobile SIP phone but that is simply not true. The only thing is a reduction in IT support for the software. Unlike clients that cost something, free Windows Mobile SIP phone clients have limited support. If you decide to get a free client for your Windows Mobile device, you will have to search for tech support via blog and message boards online.

Windows Mobile SIP phones are the most popular devices in mobile computing today. These phones have many capabilities for communication, file sharing, and networking and make mobile computing simple and fun! People using a Windows Mobile SIP phone can expect to have a ton of resources available at their fingertips from anywhere. The ease of use and portability of Windows Mobile SIP phones is unlike any other device on the market.

Laptop computers provide some portability but not the portability of a small 2″ x 4″ device that fits in one’s pocket. Soon, Windows Mobile SIP phones will replace all other portable devices. The platform that runs these phones is also compatible for Apple devices to enable a user to get Windows Apps on an Apple product. The magic of the Windows Mobile SIP phone is amazing. Soon, everyone working in the office will want to get VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to their company’s network so that they can work from home!

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